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    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
    Overall, I think your work is quite good. I'm no artist myself, but from an 'audience's' perspective, I think with many of your tags, the people or the centre pieces, lack distinction. Yes, we can see what they are, but many of them are quite ambiguous. I think if you begin to focus on making some of those centre pieces shine, then your art will be sure to improve!
    Hey, thanks for your suggestions man. I really appreciate it and got what you meant. Will surely provide more focus on my focal.

    Originally Posted by Akiyuki Aretukasu View Post
    I absolutely LOVE the typography on these and everything flows together nicely. They have a lot of detail without being over-complex.

    Very nice stuff, keep it up!
    Thanks for your kind words man. Appreciate it. :D

    Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
    Really cool composition and use of colour and contrast, everything looks so dynamic! <3
    Also a big fan of the compact typography. It enhances things without taking up much space at all.
    :D Ah, really glad that you liked my works. Will be posting many more.

    Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
    Hi there!

    I wish I knew more about graphics and design, but unfortunately, I'm not really qualified to give you any good critiques. :c

    However, I'm surprised by the level of quality in your tags. Not just the graphics that you manipulated, but the images themselves. It's clear you've been very thoughtful about your image selection, and it translates very well as clean, polished graphics. I also like how none of your tags seem to be "muddy" for lack of better term (save maybe this one, which doesn't have the depth of black that your others do). The colors are clean and, as Akiyuki mentioned, there's an organic flow to your work. Which I have no concept about how you did that, I can definitely appreciate it.

    I think this one is my favorite so far! The colors and the theme compliment each other extremely well, and the positioning of the focal and the text really create a completed thought. I also have to applaud your versatility. From what I can tell, you've displayed that you can do almost anything you want. I also like some of your more visually simplistic work too, like this for example.

    I really hope you decide to post more of your work and open up that shop! I think your work will definitely benefit the community. Please keep it up! :D
    Thanks a lot for your inspirational post Alexial. Totally appreciate it. Will try to improve more plus, my shop will be opened shortly :D

    Originally Posted by AddictedMonster View Post
    Those are nice looking Sigs, I really like the style you are going for. The first one and the Avatar one are my favourite out of them all. It may be the bright green and blue colours im drawn to, but good work.
    :D Thanks a lot for your kind words there AddictedMonster. Really glad to know you liked them.
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