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    *It's a Slowking

    I saw Shadow following quickly behind Slowking and I then I noticed his Salamence and Swampert cast Ice Beam, if I was caught in that Ice beam there was no getting Shaymin back, I told Slowking to use Reflect. Slowking quickly protected himself and me, he then used Fire fang to get through the area, I didn't know what had happened to Shadow all I saw was the Gyarados retreating. I chased after them deeper and deeper eventually reaching depths of immense pressure. I saw something down there a small floating Building. I saw a sort of docking port.

    I went in closer and sure enough I got inside. The area was filled with tanks of water pokemon: Ludicolos, Relicanth, Lanturn, Frillish, Huntail, Tentacruel. Everywhere there was Water-Pokemon trapped. I continued on and found him, sitting there was Archie. "Archie!" I yelled "Release these pokemon you know the danger of the deep sea and what happened to Lawerence III" he smirked at me with a menacing grin. As he stood up a Quagsire, Milotic, Floatzel and Swanna appeared from behind his chair. I grabbed my Eelektross and Gallade and prepared for battle...

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