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    Playing Black for my second playthrough in a LONG time before I jump to B/W2.

    Currently roaming around Nimbasa City because it is probably one of my favourite cities in the game and I don't want to run through the Gym just yet.

    My Team: Sawk, Yamask, Servine, Panpour, Patrat

    Honestly its Sawk and Yamask proving to be an unbeatable duo. Between Sawk's fighting moves and Bide, and Yamask having the Will-O-Wisp/Hex combo I have beaten everyone easily since getting them while leaving Share Exp on Patrat. Servine and Panpour come out in situational circumstances, but its clear who the MVP tag team of this run is by far. I will be stopping Yamask from evolving just for aesthetic purposes. I would like to beat N with the two Pokemon that I've had since I could get Yamask that will haul me through the game. L.O.E, Loyalty Over Evolutions.

    Going to roam around Nimbasa for a while, grind a bit to get levels up, then squash the gym leader before moving on with my journey to defeat every trainer in the game.