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    As I said in your previous thread...

    "This really doesn't fit in here, since this is a video and not a written fanfic. It'll be difficult for you to not only get viewers, but also reviewers here, since not everyone has ready access to Youtube/the time to watch a video/the ability to review from a video.

    Since this is more of a visual animation, why not try over in the Art and Design forum? They can help you with the animation. But if you want help with the story, then it would be better to post the actual word document so we can see it better. Like I said, some people just can't readily access Youtube as well as they can a forum post. Some people also just don't want to watch videos. Also, since you have a back-log of videos, it would be difficult to get to your current work, since watching all the videos together is nearly an hour's worth of time.

    At any rate, this section is for written work."

    That, and if you had two more episodes to share, you should have posted them in the same thread as the first four. That's a rule for this forum so the section doesn't get clogged up with threads.

    Also, there's the rule that if you're sharing Youtube videos, you must post them embedded on the forum. Otherwise, you could get an infraction for advertising.

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