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    Originally Posted by gunnerpow7 View Post

    As I post this, I have passed this page... Dont click it if you are new and havent gotten to the end of Act 3...

    My reaction...

    GAHHH, ITS COOL ;; asdfghjklgesbudfjnbthaesnhnae!

    I played it twice tbh... What more could there be in store for me? :D

    Oh, and time paradoxes are the coolest part of the story <3
    Well at this point all I can really say, DO NOT skip the intermission, you may read it thinking it's just some alternative story in the MSPA universe, (It's not and most readers make this mistake) it actually becomes much important later, plus the midnight crew and their shenanigans are amazing so why would you even think of skipping it?

    Oh and I might as well join while I am here, don't expect me to post much since I mostly lurk.

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    Update: 02/16/13
    Update News: HUSSSSSSSSIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!! ...and that is all I have to say on the matter...
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