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    With North Korea has just completed their third nuclear test, and announced plans for more this year, they are still vulnerable. They are several years from being able to deliver a nuclear weapon to a target via plane or missile, which means their weapons are virtually useless at the moment.

    On the other side of the globe Iran is most likely working towards the same goal. They don't even have nuclear weapons yet.

    With all things considered, should we take advantage of this moment and attack them? Would invading be justified? If it's justified, and you think we should take advantage of their lack of nukes, which country should be a priority? Should we try both at the same time?

    Me personally, I think North Korea is a more justifiable target to hit than Iran, and we're more likely to win. North Korea may be able to be controlled by South Korea, while Iran will have more insurgents. Also, the people in North Korea would be better off united under Seoul, while Iran will continue to be violent as always.

    Invading both of them, imo, is out of the question. It would be too costly, and would spread the forces thin.

    The biggest downside to a war in Korea is if we did end up losing, although that seems unlikely. If we lost South Korea would be annexed by the North, which would end bad.
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