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Issac Milke - Academy Grounds

"Maybe we can explore soon" Issac responded trying to mask his excitement as he looked around. As the dorms came into view he was completely astounded. I can't believe this is where I will be living. This is all just so wonderful.

"But yeah.. the Raikou dorm. Being a late entry I was unable to take the entrance exam and stuff. They just put me in that one. I don't mind, though. Suicune dorm, huh? That's pretty great. I have heard a lot about of it, the best of the best." Issac said with a feeling of intimidation.

Trunks looked over at the Axew. "Twwwig!" he called as he strutted over to him. "Twig twig twig."

"I sure wish I knew what they talked about." Issac was now peering down at the two pokemon. "I bet they have quite the interesting conversations."
Pokemon Trainer Academy - Issac Milke
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