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Mark shook his head. "The Rockets? Nah. I"m not worried. This school has several professional trainers around! Whatever they got planned we'll be safe from... I hope. Places outside of the grounds are pretty dangerous but I guess that's what you gotta face as a trainer." Mark said. She went on about getting rid of the ghosts from the Lugia dorm. That didn't make Snype too happy but he supposed it didn't belong to the ghosts to begin with... stilll... he didn't want them to just be left out into the streets abandoned! They would look for another home... which could be good or bad...

"I see... well hey good luck on that. Those ghosts won't go out easily. I could try helping out. Snype's been in contact with a few of the ghosts in there." Mark said. Then it hit him. Valorie asked him why he even called her here in the first place. Darnit... it was all or nothing here. He knew very well why he called her over. He had to try...

"Well..." Mark gulped moment. "It's something I've kind of wanted to ask you for awhile... we've been friends for awhile and such... but..." Mark paused for a moment. "...well... I was wondering... if you wanted to... well..." He blushed a bit. "If... you wanted to go out with me..." Mark finally asked. Now he was really nervous. How would Valorie respond to that? He hoped that she would say yes. He PRAYED that she would say yes...

Able turned to Tyro and blinked when he asked her why he didn't have a man. She simply chuckled. "Please. Its enough to have a Trainer holding me back... the only reason I would do that is during mating season." Able said bluntly.

Len closed his eyes and cuddled closely to Diana. "Hmhm... Makes you wonder how this night could get any better..." Len said, relaxing.

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