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    C.J. Styles
    Outside the Dorms

    Exploring here is always nice. Haven’t been everywhere yet but I hope to see it all soon. I’m going to the mountains after class tomorrow, you can come along if you like.” C.J. proclaimed. Back to the mountains tomorrow, two Pokemon left for his dream team, one found there. “Or we could go tonight if you want, then again, it’s late. I’m sure you want your rest.

    As Trunks walked over to Ax, the young Axew jumped down to the ground. “Ax axew.” She responded. Roughly translating to ‘Hello, how are you?’ As she spoke, Ace wondered over as well, though he stayed silent.

    They converse much the same as we do. Sometimes I get more conversation out of them then I do Humans.” C.J. stated realizing only afterwards that he’d probably be questioned on it. “Yeah, Suicune is the top tier here now, though Lugia use to be miles above us even. Shame they got run out by the ghosts. If it is ever reopened I intend to try my hand at the entry exams.
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