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Originally Posted by ♣Gawain♣ View Post
Well, I think MLP would be better off without a Humanized Episode. It would still ruin the whole thing.

Anyway, I've finished printed my 1st and 2nd MLP T-shirt. Check it out.


Note* There is no such thing as "Bronies Corp". I just made it up.

Found this too. With the whole "Twilight turning into an alicorn thing", this would hit the spot. I was like "hnnnggggggg", like everytime I saw Fluttershy.
Awesome t-shirts! :D That story...gave me a nice feeling. :D And for ♣Gawain♣.s question about fanfics: No. :D I dont realy habe a favourite backround pony. And my motivation for writing a serious (quality) fanfic is quite low. :D Oh and Im carefully exited. :D