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    > Try and soothe the beast with music.

    You cannot soothe the beast with music; you have no music with which to soothe it!

    > You still have five minutes anyway.
    Go head to the fridge and have something to drink to calm your nerves.

    Liquid Courage, that's what you need! Getting drunk gave you the bravery you needed for your Championship battle, even if it did get you disqualified when you vomited over Lance's Dragonite. It may help you in this situation, provided you can find some booze.

    A quick search of the fridge reveals a Birthday Cake, a Hambone and four Lava Cookies.

    You cannot even begin to guess at why.

    Othodox found some Lava Cookies! Othodox put the Lava Cookies in the Medicine Pocket.

    Othodox found one Hambone! Othodox put the Hambone in the Meat Products Pocket.

    Othodox found one Birthday Cake! Othodox put the Birthday Cake in the Confectionery Pocket.

    Still no booze. Nor even anything liquid, unless you feel like chipping ice off the shelves and melting it down.

    The Formerly-Unseen-But-Now-All-Too-Visible Thing is almost through the door.

    > Go Safari Zone on this thing and throw rocks/food at it until it has a concussion large enough to allow you to catch it.

    If your Pokédex lit up when it appeared, it's probably a Pokémon, and that means you can do what you do best: catch the hell out of it. And you'd much rather that thing was trying to eat your enemies' faces rather than yours.

    Given that your previous ideas included trying to engage the monster in intelligent conversation, this is almost certainly the best idea you've had all day.

    You don't, however, have any wish to throw rocks at the monster, since doing so in the Safari Zone tends to make the Pokémon angry, and this thing is definitely angry enough at you already without making things worse. You'll have to make do with food; hopefully, it'll distract it long enough for you to get a Ball in.

    Taking up a cautious stance across the room from the disintegrating front door, you check your supplies. You have five items that could reasonably be classed as 'food', and two Poké Balls.

    Just two?

    Ah. That's... not a whole lot. And that beast definitely doesn't look like it has a high capture rate.

    Speaking of which, the door's just fallen off the wall, and a webbed arm is in the process of sweeping the remnants of the chair aside with a blood-curdling snarl.

    There is a Formerly-Unseen-But-Now-All-Too-Visible Thing here.

    There is an empty refrigerator here.

    There is a ruined barricade here.

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