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    Nathan - Eterna City

    Nath woke up exactly where he was previously, on te floor in an abandoned house. There was a sigh of relief and a squark of pain but Nath got to his feet rather quickly. He noticed that the body was still lying in the same position, so no-one had found it yet. Nath looked outside. It was darker than it previously was, but not by much, he hadn't slept for long, maybe an hour? He knelt next to the body and muttered, "sorry I was too late." nathan seemed to expect an answer back as he waited for a while, just to be sure.

    So what are you going to do now? Just leave him?

    "Actually, I was thinking of a better idea, someting you mentioned earlier. Take his spirit! I'm not quite sureow to do it but I guess I'll be okay? Right?"

    Yeah just try to connect with the spirit inside of him just like you did with me.

    Nath reached out at te corpse and placed is hand on it's head. He could feel something inside, a life force slowly burning away. He suddenly felt connected to whatever was inside, it was a positive energy and it felt tingly and funny. The energy then seemed to flow into Nath's body like a worm wriggling into its nest. The energy faded away and Nath removed his hand from the corpse.

    There was a small voice inside Nathans head that both Nath and Noctowl heard.

    You saved his life, and now e's in your head, haha, how does it feel?

    Nath didn't really know how to answer that question just yet and ardly knew how to talk to this beedrill yet, but he knew deep inside he did the right thing.

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