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Final update on emerald psychic play later starting firered water challange

-beat Norman got my 5th badge
-Kirlia evolved into Gardevoir
-did the new mawile quest
-did the weather institute quest
-beat May and got hm 06
-got to fortree city
-steven gave me the thing to see invisible pokemon
-beat winnona and got my 6th badge
-got to lilycove city
-deposited Baltoy
-got the pokeblock case
-captured natu at saffari zone
-natu evolved into xatu
-did the mt.pyre quest
-went back to slateport city
-battled maxie at magma hideout
-archie escaped at aqua hideout
-got to mosdeep
-beat liza and tate and got my 7th badge
-helped steven at the space center and got hm 07
-defeted archie at underse cavern
-got to sotopolis city
-met with wallace
-got to pacifilog town
-got to rayquaza
-rayquaza calmed down kyogre and groudon
-beat Juan and got my 8th badge
-got to ever grande city
-compleated the victory road
-trained at victory road
-defeted the elite four and wallace

sorry i cant post pictures but i should post them when i start my water monotype challange