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    *okay so i don't wanna sound rude but instead of always refering to my Togekiss, can you refer to Chimchar, just because he's my favourite pokemon and if it was in real life, i would most likely have him out the most. Thanks*

    I awoke once again lying there on the boat's deck soaking wet. I guess i was now famous for waking up from being knocked out. Omega's Roserade was looking after Chimchar, but Omega, Torrent and Shaymin were nowhere in sight. I asked Roserade what had happened. It implemented that Torrent and Omega had gone swimming. I realised i had to follow but i didnt have and water pokemon. A pokemon trader appeared next to me, He offered me Breathing berries, A new type of berry that lets you breath underwater for a couple of hours. All he ask for in return was a few Pecha berrys. Luckily i had a few in my bag. He gave me 3 berries, just enough for me, Chimchar and Togekiss. I chose Togekiss as my extra because she would be able to soar through the water just as easily as in the air, also Togekiss had perfect navigation skills. Chimchar hopped onto my shoulder and i sent out Togekiss. We jumped on an i fed us all the berries. Then we dived.

    I was decending further and further into the deep blue. We reached the bottom and there laying in the sandy sea floor was a Pokeball, it was a Dusk ball. It was Omega's Houndoom. I picked it up and gave it to chimchar to hold. We traveled for a while looking for the others. Then in the distance i saw something at the surface. It was a building. An explosion came from inside. Stuff was going down. I flew up to the enterance and saw Omega with his Eelektross and Gallade, there was no sign of Torrent. There standing Opposite him was Archie with a Quagsire, Milotic, Floatzel and Swanna. I knew that it was an unfair battle, so i ran in and got Togekiss and Chimchar into the battle. Omega acknowledged that i was there but we both knew there was no time to talk. Shaymin was still in a capsule over next to Archie. I yelled "Chimchar use Scratch, Togekiss use Hyper beam". The Battle had just begun
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