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    I would love a feature where you could randomly enter rooms over wifi that can hold 10 people each....and then you can talk, befriend, battle, trade pokemon, trade items, mix eggs, mix records and play mini games together with the people who get placed in the room.

    Or better yet, be able to set up communities (or "guilds" to use a mmo term) with other players so you can have a room (with the features mentioned above) for your community that every member can just drop in and out of whenever they want. It would be nice to have a space to meet over wifi that was actually a personal space that your members could decorate. So I suppose it would be like the secret bases in the 3rd gen mixed with the wifi rooms in newer games.

    Instead of talking to a clerk at a pokecentre it could be a building that when you knock on the door it connects you to wifi and inside you have your personal community secret base where you can all interact.

    Being able to set up Community secret base/wifi rooms would be really cool. I could see it happening too, communities seem to be the buzzword for Nintendo recently.
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