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    *No problem Shadow it was just because you had called out Togekiss so I was trying to be accurate but I'll refer to your partner pokemon as Chimchar was always out of its pokeball

    "Gallade use Leaf Blade! Eleketross, Wild Charge!" All the pokemon began charging at each other with immense force, as the continued fighting each other I noticed something floating near the entrance a Pokeball, I then recognized the pokeball it was Torrent's Salamence!. I ran over grabbed it quickly and threw it into battle, even thought Torrent was its master Salamence seemed willing to fight Archie, I wonder if Torrent had met Archie before. "Salamence use Dragon Claw!" It flew into the air and attacked with great force.

    Suddenly the whole building began shaking with tremendous force something outside was moving it, I glanced over and saw Torrent outside on some Wailord (Torrent you can choose to include this in your next post or not). He must have convinced them to help out. I waved to him and he quickly had the Wailord he was on dive down towards the entrance. I turned back and Shadow and I continued battling Archie's pokemon who were weakening from each hit, eventually Archie's pokemon fell...

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