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    Originally Posted by Java's Missingno. View Post

    A test map I drew of an early-game mountain pass(To get a sense of it - Just before a player would get Cut, but they would get Rock Smash closer to mid-game. The cave would lead to a town, as would the north, south, and east paths.)
    I'll just review the first one the mountain pass. To put it bluntly it's good but not that good.

    The good things: You've effectively used different land levels and landscapes. This can be refined to a more harsh path with more levels to make the journey more like a passage. The assortment of Grass and Mountain (not Rocks) is well done there is definetly a good amount of mountain for this route.

    There are several trhing you could patch up however.

    The first is the Rocks (not the Rock Smash rocks). These are too orderly like they were place there. Try to make them be replaced by something like higher or lower levels of the mountain to give it a more realistic touch.

    Second is the Grass. Yes you can include grass however you should make it higher and have dirt on the lower levels. Definetly do not make the lower levels sand based unless you decide to include a water segment.

    Thirdly is the house. I know in some pokemon games there is usually a house outside a mountain for healing purposes but this situation doesn't fit well, the house should look like it was carved by the mountain, use Rock or Wood based houses not Cement. A good choice would be something like Fortree City houses.

    Fourthly, try to keep your path even in length, a small 1 square path in the middle looks really bad and try to include less obvious (go this way for cake) pathing. Patch it up so it looks more rugged. Demolish some of the path if you have to.

    Lastly, this one isn't a minus this is just me asking. What is with the flowers and pokeball. I'm pretty sure a mountain is more likely to have trees than Flowers. The pokeball I don't understand It seems inaccessible unless you plan to include an exit through the house which you should show with dirt or sand paths.

    Overall this map seems a bit rushed but it has some good potential give yourself a timeframe to work with and improve on this maps weaknesses so it looks like it belongs in a game (also you have a few block errors the one I noticed was on the West wall of the right mountain). 5.6/10

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