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    *Thanx, also just a quick question, so far none of us have wrote about what the other actually is saying, for example we have been saying stuff like, he acknowledged, he nodded, he was shocked, and so on, i wanna know if we should actually write what the others say, as long as it doesn't effect their backstory or life in the story. It's up to you guys, I don't mind.

    I looked at Omega and smiled, out of my pocket I pulled out Houndour's Pokeball, I handed it to Omega. He was so overjoyed. We turned back to face Archie but he was gone. AND SO WAS SHAYMIN!!!!!!!! This is crazy we swear that they were right there. Torrent entered and said that he had the pokemon we left up on the boat. He returned our pokeballs to us and then told us that he saw a lot of Gyrados heading to the left of the building. Just before we left to chase him, we sent out our pokemon and fed them some quick berries. As we were leaving many pokemon surrounded us and seemed to thank us, there was this one pokemon though that I had not ever seen before. It was in the shape of a heart except it was on its side. It was then that i remembered that I had lost my Pokedex on board the ship. Omega told me it was called a Luvdisc. I really thought I knew all the pokemon. But there are so many of them. We all returned most of our pokemon. With Chimchar on my shoulders we jumped back on Togekiss. The three of us still had some time left from the breathing berries. Torrent and Omega sent out their pokemon and we started heading in the direction that Archie went.

    While we were traveling I asked Torrent what had happened after he left the ship till when he had all those wailords with him.
    He spoke.....
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