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BiRDiE // Route 31
"Very nice," Birdie nodded at Fara's loot. Two more Pokémon? That was more than he had now. He wondered what they were for a moment, remembering what he had seen in the PokéDex. Geodudes, Dunsparces, Teddiursas and Zubats. Maybe Zara had caught a Zubat, like Todo? Whatever it was, if Fara decided to battle Birdie suddenly, he knew that he would most definitely lose. Fara seemed nice enough though. She wouldn't betray him, not when they were travelling together.

Birdie smiled as Fara led the way without saying anything else, walking through more grass. They encountered a few Pokémon here and there, Birdie getting to see one of Fara's new additions. A Geodude? That would be helpful against Falkner indeed. Having a Geodude would have been exceptionally helpful and as much as Birdie would have asked to turn around and go catch one himself, he didn't want to bother Fara too much, who seemed to be having enough fun trying to train her own Pokémon. They at last made it to the walk through and were so close to the next town. Birdie sighed, looking up at the building. He could see Sprout Tower over top of the passageway, the Japanese-style attraction looming ominously. If it was like the games, he should be able to breeze through it with flying types but what happens if it was different? Hopefully Fara would be able to back Birdie up.

"Ready to go to Violet City?"

"Yeah, sure," Birdie was about take his first steps to Violet City when an odd smell struck him. It was odd enough he could smell in this game, but odder still what he could smell. "Wait, can you smell that? Is someone burning something?"
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