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Episode 4 is up!

Long Play
It was a lovely morning and Viridian was raring to go, but I felt that we could all benefit from a little bit more training before heading to the gym. After a quick training session, we headed over to the gym for breakfast, which they happily served after the waitstaff had challenged me to a battle to test whether I was ready for one of their leaders. Having been met outside the gym beforehand by Cilan,one of the Gym leaders,I was told that the leaders would decide which of the 3 of them I would battle based upon my starter. Of course, since I started with Oshawott, I knew that it would be Cilan we faced off against, but we were ready!

Viridian was brilliant! He took down Cilan's lillipup in 2 tackles, and barely got a scratch back. I switched over to Pansear though when Cilan sent out his Pansage. It wasn't that I thought Viridian wasn't up to the task; I really just wanted to let Pewter have some spotlight. After 2 incinerates, Pansage fainted out of exhaustion and Pansear simply sat back and wiped a bead of sweat from his brow.

After the battle Cilan presented us with the Trio Badge, he explained that the next gym could be found in Nacrene City. We walked back to the Pokémon center next door and rested up with a well earned mid morning nap. Route 3 would be a fun adventure for the afternoon...
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