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    online cat ☠ LGDClaw

    Of course, it didn't take long for LGDClaw and the rest of the PIRATE members to meet up; unfortunately, most of the PIRATE members already perished in the battle in the stadium. Well, they were fighting in the stadium, since they are in fact, greedy. But moving on, LGDClaw sat quietly on a nearby desk, as there was a small rally going on.

    "Well, so far this has become quite a... thrill," LGClaw remarked. "Who's ever idea of this as a joke definitely needs to get a social life."

    "You got that right..." replied SippieToady. "We've been trying to hunt for monsters all day but with no success yet."

    "Might I suggest entering one of the beginner dungeons?" said Oryps. "We should level up before we tackle on to PIRATE matters."

    "I like that brain of yours champ," remarked LHGClaw with a wink. "Soooo is it just the three of us?"

    "The captain said that the some of the pirate members are either dead or off hunting somewhere," SlippieToady explained with a sigh. "And the rest are just jerks. They'll slow us down with their bad jokes and insults, y'know?"

    "Yeah, I don't them either," said LHGClaw. "Especially that goat-faced, two-assed jerk of a goat! I mean, what an ass!"

    "I believe he was called a satire," explained Oryps. "Nonetheless, I suppose the three of us will have to do for now. However, it'd be wise to know where we plan to go, what we plan to do, and what we plan to bring before we go."

    "Simple!" LHGClaw said. "We go to the dungeon, wack a few monsters, drink lots of whiskey, and yeaaaah we'll be rich again!"

    "We're doomed aren't we..." SlippieToady asked Oryps. Oryps simply replied with a nod.

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