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    Kiki blinked. Her memory of the past few minutes was kind of foggy, but she felt fine. She looked at Andy and Shawn and giggled.

    "I'm fine guys, really! Why wouldn't I be? Oh, my memory? This kind of stuff happens all the time. Iwanna explore!" she said with a happy grin. She wanted to stay here. wit herfriends.


    Drake looked at Kiyoko. He... Wanted to get stronger to help Valorie? Hm... Drake didn't see a problem with helping Kiyoko get stronger.

    "Sure Kiyoko. I can help you." he said with a smile. He sat down and smiled, leaning back. He wasn't going to eat yet, he was going to wait for the others to arrive, Well, he might if he got hungry enough. Still, training the zorua would be... difficult. Dark Types were not his specialty. But maybe it would be a good experience.
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