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Searn, that's a pretty large scale challenge, but I feel more like your thread is just advertising your site and blog, and you're only allowed to advertise other places in your signature. And if you want suggestions about the challenge, you should post about it in CI&D first. Posting a thread in a section where all threads are under mod approval means only I'm gonna see it, and obviously that's not a large audience. I'm not sure how many people would actually want to enter it anyway, so there's another reason to post your idea in CI&D first to get a general idea of if anyone here is actually gonna want to try it. I personally find it to be way too time consuming and overly complicated. Plus, not everyone here has a blog or wants to make one just for this. These types of challenges are great as personal challenges (I made a personal challenge myself, and there's no thread for it) but I think that's what this one should stay. Personal, and between you and your friends. Good luck to you though. You're gonna need it.

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