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“Oi!” a gruff voice bellows from behind the perky half-elf.

Her eyes spot the culprit; a short man with a beard and one of their group. “Good to see you two up and out, especially you, milady.”

Xeye waves frantically towards the stunted fellow, shouting cheerfully, "Oh, hi Furface! Are you ready to go? Yeah?"

However, the crowd around them soon grows as two of the other ladies of the gang assemble, first being Puppy Lady and the next one being Bow Lady. The Puppy Lady makes her entrance first though, greeting the assembling crew.

"Good morning, companions! How are we this morning?" she states, her dire wolf by her side.

"Hi Puppy Lady! You ready to kick some butt!?" Xeye beams towards the fellow half-elf, grinning jubilantly while reaching her hand high into the air to greet the woman.

"Heheh, yay adventure!" Xeye yells excitedly, anticipating the work they'll soon set out to do.
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