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    chapter 3; Climbing the Mountain of Adversity: Enter Adam! Part III
    Katherine Aldine & Adam Jenkins // Pewter City, West-End


    Katt runs breathlessly towards the mountainous area from before, extremely happy that she was able to trounce Lady Melanie and proud of Sparky for being so tough! "Alright, Sparky, we're gonna add another member to our party before the day's out, I can feel it!"

    The girl skids to a halt and looks around, anxious to find a wild Pokemon. "Hmm...well, according to the PokeDex, the only Pokemon that turn up here are Pidove, Meowth, Mawile and Sableye..." Katt mutters as she peers behind bushes and amongst rocks.

    "Emo?" Sparky's ear twitches, hearing a very faint, but distinct sound. A Pokemon? Sparky takes flight and glides over to a small cavern-like area amongst some of the boulders. "Emo! Emo!" It signals for Katt to come quickly!

    "Huh?" Katt walks over to the spot and leans towards the mouth of the opening, "Find something?" Peering in, Katt sees what appear to be two large gemstones! "Holy Miltank, Sparky! You found the jackpot!" Reaching in, Katt grasps one of the gems-and is bitten! "OUCH!" Retracting her hand quickly, Katt looks at the opening in surprise; what bit her?!

    Her question is answered a moment later when, out of the hole, darts a small, purple creature!

    "Sable!" The imp-like Pokemon rushes out of the opening and past Katt, stopping in the middle of the open field! Katt studies the creature with a mixture of shock and intrigue: It's body shape is reminiscent of a gremlin from her old storybooks, except it has gems encrusted into its body and its eyes appear to be the two large gemstones that Katt saw in the darkness of the opening!

    "That's a Sableye!" Katt exclaims, "Alright, Sparky, use Thundershock!" Sparky is quick to act and zaps the Sableye, stunning it briefly! "Great! Now follow up with Spark!"

    "Emo!" Sparky zooms in, tackling the Sableye with an electrical charge! The small gremlin is sent flying, hitting a tree and slumping to the floor!

    About ten minutes earlier, Adam pulled off his baret and ruffled his hair slightly in confusion, the Pikachu sitting on his backpack peering around the area with the sky slowly turning a soft, orange colour. "... I don't know how, but I think we got lost somewhere along the way. This looks like the mountains to the west of the city."

    He looked up to the towering, rocky formations not far off, where the landscape seemed to start sloping towards. He was about to turn around and head back towards the road he came from, as a sharp pain was sent up his leg from his ankle, causing him to let out a yowl and stumble backwards, jumping a little.

    "Ow! What the heck was that?!"

    Looking down, a small, blackish purple creature with gemstones for eyes looked up at him where he had just stood, its mouth spread in a devilish grin before it darted off, towards a couple of nearby bushes. "... Oh no you don't, you little ruffian! Buzz, Thundershock!" "Pika!" The rodent lept off of Adam's backpack and landed on the ground, quickly building up enough electricity through his cheek sacs before sending a bolt of lightning slamming into the creature Adam didn't recognize.

    It let out a pained yelp, but kept running, darting into a couple of bushes, Adam and Buzz following behind. However, there weren't a real -path- here, so the two rather quickly was left bewildered as to where the creature had gone. "... Damnit, I think we lost it..."

    Just then however, he heard someone shouting and saw a glimpse of a flash somewhere nearby. Looking down to Buzz, he then sped off towards the sound and the voice, soon breaking through the undergrowth and watching a girl and a... flying squirrel? Fighting the creature, and seemingly winning.

    Looking dumbstruck for a moment, Adam raised a hand to point at the creature before calling out. "... Hey! That was mine! I fought it, but it ran away!" Buzz came up to his side, blinking his eyes at the scene, looking more curious than angry, his cheeks sparking a little at the sight of the Emolga.

    Katt looks up, bewildered, "Huh?" She notices a young male Trainer and his... Pikachu? She hears him say something about the wild Sableye being his and responds, "Sorry, but if you let it get away, that isn't my problem!" Returning her attention to the battle, Katt says, "Alright, Sparky, use another Thundershock!"

    "Emo!" Sparky releases a second electric charge, hitting the Sableye once more!

    "Sable!" The small Pokemon hops to its feet and bares its fangs menacingly! Sparky shrinks back in fear and the Ghost Pokemon takes the opportunity to lunge with a Scratch attack!

    "Careful, Sparky!" Katt warns. Sparky dodges at just the right moment, but the Sableye anticipates this and uppercuts the Emolga with a Shadow Claw!

    "Emo!" Sparky is sent flying, landing at the stranger's feet!

    Katt looks worried, "Sparky?! Are you okay?!"

    Adam clenched his fists slightly at the girl's words. Not her problem? It is if she tries to steal his Pokémon! But just before he managed to voice any objections he might've had, the squirrel Pokémon lands at his feet, hurt. The Sableye lets out an almost chuckle-like hiss before seemingly preparing to get away.

    Adam clenched his jaw and looked to the Pokémon at his feet still struggling to get up as he raised an arm, pointing at the Sableye. "Oh no you don't! Buzz, hit it with a Thundershock! Make sure it's not going anywhere!"

    "Pika pi!" Buzz calls out after having taking a little sniff of the hurt Pokémon. He leaps forwards and lands on the ground near the Sableye, catching its attention with a firm thundershock to its backside, the blackish purple Pokémon falling to the ground with an outcry.

    Adam reached into his pocket, preparing to grab one of his Pokéballs and throw it before pausing, looking over to the girl. It took him several moments of debating with himself before he let go of the Pokéball in his pocket and gave her a confident little smile, gesturing to the downed Sableye and performing a little bow.

    "Go ahead."

    Katt just blinks: Did this guy just give her permission to catch a Pokemon that she had rightfully earned the leisure to capture?...Never mind that, Sparky was hurt and this ruffian Sableye needed to be stopped one way or another.

    "Thanks," Katt says, though with some difficulty. She withdraws an empty PokeBall and swiftly tosses it at the wild Sableye, securing capture a few moments later. The young Trainer walks over to the PokeBall and replaces it in her bag, making a note to check up on her new Sableye later. Turning her attention to Sparky, Katt kneels and picks up the injured Emolga.

    Nurturingly, she coos, "Are you okay, Sparky?"

    Sparky struggles to speak, "...Emo...Emo." The small Pokemon blinks once before finally passing out in Katt's arms.

    She sighs, "You're such a reckless little spark plug." Looking up at the boy, Katt says, "Thank you. This is the third time today that he's passed out from exhaustion in battle." Katt bites her bottom lip for a moment before saying, "Look, I'm sorry if you were already in pursuit of the Sableye...If I hadn't interfered, Sparky here wouldn't have passed out again. I'm Katt, by the way, Katherine Aldine."

    As the battle ended, Buzz skipped over to sit at Adam's side once again, watching the girl moving over to the squirrel and pulling it into her arms. Adam gave a little smile and pulled off his hat, placing it against his chest as he gave a little bow.

    "I'm Adam Jenkins. And don't worry about it, you were completely right. It ran away, so it was my fault. Besides, it didn't look like the type of Pokémon that would fit my team, really."

    Placing his hat back on his head, he looked over to the fainted Pokémon in her arms. "I've never seen that kind of Pokémon before. Do you need a potion or anything? I've got a couple, but I need to stock up on them soon."

    Katt just shakes her head and returns the smile, "Thank you, but no. Sparky's exhausted, and no amount of Oran Berries or Potions will fix that. He needs a good night's rest." Looking skyward, the girl giggles, "Guess that'll be sooner than I thought."

    Katt looks at Adam's Pikachu and smiles, "Your Pikachu's a cutie. Oh, and this is an Emolga. They're native to Unova, mostly, but some have migrated over to Kanto and varying parts of Sinnoh and Johto in recent years." She cocks her head to the side and asks, almost absently, "Are you staying at the Pokemon Center, by chance?"

    "... Pika!" Buzz replies to the girl's comment, grabbing onto Adam's pants and hopping up along his side to sit down on top of his backpack again. Adam blinks a little at this, peering back at the Pikachu before looking to Katt' again, giving a little smile in return.

    "Oh, uh, yeah, I am. I don't really have anywhere else to stay, and... well, I heard that they serve breakfast there. I was actually heading there, when I got a little... lost, and ended up out here."

    Adam looked up at the slowly darkening sky for a few moments before looking to the girl again, smiling. "I don't suppose you'd fancy heading there together? From the sounds of things, you're staying there as well, and I'm curious as to what other Pokémon you've got with you. Maybe we can let them meet each other when we get back?"

    Katt giggles, "Sure, just follow me." The young girl and her new companion leave the mountainous west-end of Pewter and begin to make their way down the paved walkway of Pewter towards the Pokemon Center. As they walk, Katt looks around a marvels, "You know, I lived in Viridian City my entire life, but the sunsets there are nothing like here. Everything's so rustic and charming at this time."

    Looking at Adam, Katt asks, "So where are you from, Adam?"

    Adam looked up at the sky, watching the sun slowly creeping down behind the horizon to the east, behind the large mountain in the distance known as Mt. Moon. He then looked to Katt before responding.

    "Oh, Viridian? I'm from there as well. Started my own Pokémon journey only a couple days back, Pokédex and all." He paused for a moment, before adding. "Though I didn't get a Pokémon from Pallet, like most others. I got one from Professor Pine, who visited the center in Viridian. But you're right, the view and the feel is alot more... calm, out here, than in a bigger city like Viridian."

    At the mention of Professor Pine, Katt jumps, "Wait, you mean Professor Pine gave you a Pokemon too?" Almost without thinking, Katt reaches for Phoenix's PokeBall and presses the release switch.

    In a shower of red light, the Combusken emerges and stretches with a yawn, "Comb!" The Pokemon looks between Katt and Adam with amber eyes.

    Katt pats Phoenix's head and says, "This is Phoenix, I got her from the professor as well." Turning to Phoenix, Katt says, "I'm sorry for keeping you in your PokeBall all day, sweetie. Sparky and Lily just needed some special training." Katt shifts the weight of her sleeping Emolga, "Little guy's a scrappy one."

    Phoenix pats Sparky's head gently, "Busken!"

    Adam looked rather surprised at the announcement of Katt also being one of Professor Pine's chosen, and as she released the Combusken, Adam smiled, reaching into his pocket for his chosen Pokémon as well.

    "Really? Well -there's- a surprise, hah. Nice choice too. Most Pokémon were gone when I chose, but I was lucky nobody picked the one I -really- wanted." He smiled and opened the Pokéball now in his hand, the red beam turning into a Quilava, blinking a little as it looked around. "Quil?"

    "This is Blair. Blair, this is Katt and Phoenix, they're from Viridian as well!"

    The Quilava looked up at Katt and then at the Combusken, stepping up to the bird to take a whiff of its scent, but seeming generally relaxed. "Actually Blair, could you turn on your fire up until we get to Pewter? It's starting to get a little dark." As asked, the patches on the Quilava's back flared up as flames billowed forth over his back, bathing the people and Pokémon in a soft, orange-y red light, Adam looking up and giving a little grin to Katt.

    "Pretty handy, no? Phoenix looks like a real fighter, I think you chose well."

    Katt smiles at the compliment, "Thank you! And, I think you chose well, also. Blair seems like a really good Pokemon." She admires the Quilava's glow for a moment before turning her gaze to the horizon and points, "See that building over there?" The building in question is a large, rectangular structure seemingly made of logs and mortar with a red-tiled roof. "It's the Pokemon Center, let's go!"

    As the large group walks towards the center, Katt asks, "So, if you're on a quest for Professor Pine also, that must mean you plan on battling Brock, right?"

    Phoenix, in the mean time, appears to be chatting amiably with Blair in the language only Pokemon understand. "Comb! Combusken! Comb!"

    "Quil, qui- larv, quil." Blair respond, trotting along merrily next to Phoenix. Adam tries to keep focus as he looks over the nearby trees, seeing the faint lights of Pewter, a relieved smile spread on his lips as he turned his head to look to Katt.

    "Battling Brock? Oh yeah, definitely! I'm planning on going at it tomorrow. I've also got a Nidoran, and I don't think Buzz here would do much against a rock-type user."

    "Pika!" Buzz squeaks out, sounding a little annoyed as he grasped a lock of Adam's hair and gave it a tuck, making him cringe. "Ow! I'm just saying, they're really tough and electricity won't phase them!"

    Katt laughs, "He's about as rowdy as Sparky is! I plan on taking Brock on as well, but I want to do some more training first. I may just stay in town for a day or two more before I face him." As they approach the front doors of the Center, Katt says, "I have a Lilligant, so Brock won't be too hard, hopefully. I want to make sure Phoenix and Sparky can handle their own against him, if worse comes to worst."

    Inside the Center, a few Trainers are chatting in the lobby while Nurse Joy is filing paperwork behind the front desk. Her Blissey isn't around, so Katt assumes it must be treating some of the Pokemon. Approaching the desk, Katt greets the nurse cheerily, "Hi, Nurse Joy!"

    Nurse Joy looks up and smiles, "Oh, hello again, Katt." Noticing Sparky in Katt's arms, Joy frowns, "Did your Emolga faint again?"

    Katt nods, "Yeah, but it's from exhaustion, not injury. He just needs a good night's rest. Oh," Katt retrieves the PokeBall of her newly caught Sableye, "And this little guy needs to be healed up."

    Joy takes the PokeBall and places it on a near-by tray, "Alright, and I assume you'll need a place to sleep this evening?"

    Katt nods, "Me, and my friend here, actually." Katt gestures to Adam.

    Nurse Joy nods and greets Adam, "Hello, nice to meet you. Do your Pokemon require any treatment?"

    Adam raised a hand to pull off his hat, giving a little bow to the nurse while smiling. "Nice to meet you as well, miss. And no thank you, they're fine. Just need a place to sleep, thanks."

    As the nurse trotted off with Katt's Pokémon, Adam turned to the girl, glancing briefly down at the Quilava and Combusken seemingly going through a rather deep conversation.

    "A Liligant, huh? I've only got Blair, Buzz and a Nidoran named Stomps. But they're pretty darned tough, so I'm sure they'll beat through Brock, no sweat." He gave a confident little grin, shrugging lightly, peering after the nurse thoughtfully.

    "... Do you think we'll get actual rooms? And do you think there's enough for us to get seperate rooms?"

    Katt blushed at the idea, "Um...I'm sure they have enough rooms..." She looks around absently until Nurse Joy returns.

    "Alright, well, I'm sorry to inform you both, but we're pretty full-up on Trainers this evening. Is it fine if you two share a room?" She asks apologetically.

    Katt's face turns even redder, "Um...Well...I mean...Adam?"

    Adam blinked a little at his weird prediction of what was going to happen, looking from the nurse and over to Katt. For some reason, just because she looked rather flustered, it made his cheeks darken a little. He did, however, quickly wave it off and offered a smile, nodding his head up at the nurse.

    "Yeah, that's not an issue. If there's two beds, that's perfect, but if there's only one bed, I'll sleep on the floor, no problem."

    The nurse smiled softly and nodded. "Here, Chansey'll show you the way to your room." She gestured to a Chansey moving around the counter and smiling at the group, waving one of her stubby little arms before waddling onwards, down a small hallway.

    Adam looked to Katt and gave a little grin as they followed the Chansey. "I hope you're okay with it. I could just go sleep outside, but... you know, when you're offered to sleep a place that has heating, you'd be silly to say no thanks. Plus, I think it'd be a shame to let Blair and Phoenix get separated now that they're getting along so well. Plus, I think Sparky and Buzz are going to love each other."

    Katt looks at the floor as they walk and mumbles, "It's just that I've never slept with anyone else in the same room...I'm worried I might snore, or talk in my sleep." It was something she'd always been afraid she did, but never knew the answer to since her parent's bedroom was on the opposite end of the house!

    Upon reaching the room, the Chansey nods at Katt and Adam and leaves with a chirp, "Chansey!" Katt decides to enter and save herself further embarrassment. The room is modest in furnishing; two twin-sized beds set up on opposite sides of a center night stand, a simple, round rug, and a large window.

    Katt walks over to the bed on the left, places Sparky gently on the mattress, and drops her bag at the foot of the bed. "Um, I'm gonna go shower and changes clothes, be back in a few minutes." Quickly riffling through her bag, the young teen leaves Adam, Phoenix, Sparky, Buzz and Blair and goes to the washroom down the hall.

    After giving her a little wave, Adam turns to the Pokémon in the room. Buzz jumps from his backpack and skips over to leap onto the bed on the right, starting off by gnawing slightly on the blanket tryingly. Blair and Phoenix seemed to be in the middle of showing off combat moves to each other, Blair making sure to show off as much as possible now that someone was actually watching.

    "Well, it's not that bad. Kind of cozy, actually." Adam commented on the room as he dropped his backpack onto the floor near the bed. He wasn't sure what to do while waiting for Katt to return at first, but decided to unpack the violin from the case which was a permanent part of his backpack.

    Sitting down on the bed and minding Buzz, he rested the wooden instrument against his shoulder, his chin moving on top of it. He took a few deep breaths to steady himself before placing the bow gently on the strings. He pulled it back and forth tryingly a few times to get back in the rhythm of playing on it, but soon, the instrument gave off a soft, smooth melody, reverberating in the room, easily hearable in the hallway outside.

    Katt, after showering and toweling off, makes her way back down the hall to her shared bedroom for the evening. Along the way she hears a haunting, sweet melody that seems to be coming from a viola or similar string instrument. Peaking her head into the room, Katt sees Adam fully absorbed in playing his violin, with Phoenix, Blair and Buzz all sitting peaceably around him.

    Smiling, Katt enters the room quietly and sits down on her own bed to enjoy the music. It's a serene reverberation, slightly ghostly but at the same time very soothing. Once Adam finishes, Katt gives a small applause, "Heheh, that was wonderful. I had no idea you could play an instrument!"

    Phoenix clucks in agreement, "Comb!" She seems thoroughly at peace and happy to be near Blair.

    Katt smiles and yawns, "Well, I suppose now would be a good time to rest." Reaching for Lily's PokeBall, Katt presses the release, allowing her Lilligant to stretch and sleep soundly with the others rather than in the confines of the PokeBall.

    "Lil~" Lily stretches her leafy appendages, greets Buzz, Blair and Adam and makes herself comfortable beside Katt's bed to sleep. Phoenix gets up, pats Blair's head and does the same.

    "Looks like they're all ready for a good night's rest also~" Katt muses. Looking at Adam she says, "G'night, Adam, maybe in the morning we can have a battle?" Shifting beneath the blanket, Katt makes herself comfortable beside Sparky and quickly falls to sleep.

    Adam smiles, having put away his violin and laid down after releasing Stomps, now curled up at his feet, Buzz and Blair also curled up on various parts of the bed. He glances over at Katt to reply, but realizes she's already fallen asleep. With a light grin, he turns onto his side and shuts his eyes with a yawn and soon falls asleep as well.

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