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    Okay, definitely a fan of your works. They look really nice. But I'll try and have the majority of this post serve as critique. Here goes - Just going through all your works tells me that you're much more comfortable with tags having dark background instead of light ones. I say that because I feel that your tags with black background have stronger composition and are much more visually appealing than the ones with lighter backgrounds. 'Gfx Souls', 'Aka Sincerity' and 'Hybrid-nation SOTW #21' can serve as examples. The first and the third are particularly weak. Both due to different reasons though, in my opinion. First one is just...very simple. Doesn't have anything going on in it. It looks almost as if you've pasted a render over a blank background with some text. As for the third one, it suffers from quiite a lot of problems first of which is its weakness in the effects department. There ain't any in there. Not ones that are easily visible, at least. The monotone doesn't work at all. The colors are just dull, to say the least. I see you tried to blend by erasing the stock a bit but that just doesn't work in here, I'm afraid. I wish you had worked on it to look something like the one above it - it having similar effects and color scheme, I mean. Now 'beauty purple' tag (the one above) is just terrific. It looks heaps better. Colors are really interesting and effects really do suit the render as well. Plus, they impart some really good flow in there. My only gripe with it would be text but I'll talk about that later. Anyway, yeah, talking about 'Aka Sincerity' one I linked before, I'd say that I really like the text. The wirey-c4ds to the left of text look really nice in there as well. But I wish you'd have used more of that c4d in here. Because whatever you put over the render/stock, it really does not fit it. I mean, what hurts it the most is the fact that the effect over the render is practically wrecking the lighting by making everything too bright. And the effect isn't even properly visible, to boot. So yeah, if you could fix the lighting up a bit in it so that more of the stock or the lower part, in particular, is visible and have the effects appear a little more clearly, it'd definitely benefit the tag in my opinion. Just try to avoid 'bright spots' like these in future works of yours if you can, okay? They just don't help, in my opinion. :p

    Alright, text. Your text is compact for the most part and doesn't really distract much from the focal so that's a plus. But I think you really need to experiment a bit. I see you've gone for different fonts in some of your works but I think the basic layout remains the same in most of them. It'd definitely help if you could go, what should I say, wild with text. :p Awesome pieces like 'beauty purple' are kinda hurt by the iffy text in it, I think. I mean, it just looks tacked on in there. Placement isn't the problem. Your text layout just doesn't fit in there, if you know what I mean. Try going for something like 'aka sincerity' with text. Because honestly, that looks really good and would be a good direction for you to take as far as text goes in my opinion. And yeah, though not necessary, but I'd point out that the text on the right side in 'power' tag is just redundant. They just do not add anything to the tag. At all. I totally hope you don't go for anything like that again. :c

    As for the point raised by Curious, I'd agree. Your focals do need some sharpening in some cases. Though they're perfectly fine in works like 'Curl Girl' (your signature image right now), I feel. So yeah, try not to go overboard when making your focals more prominent by sharpening them or anything but try to go for a balanced approach.

    I'll end it there, I think. Nice stuff. Keep it up! Totally hope to see you post more of your works.
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