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    Alright, my first update for this challenge! ^-^ I've just gotten my second badge, but here are the details:

    -Named myself "wave" and changed the battle style to "Set," as usual for me.
    -Chose Tepig as "The Gift," being the only starter I've never chosen up to this gen. Appropriate since it literally came in a gift box from Professor Juniper, and I think its ears look kinda like a gift wrap ribbon. =P Named him "Cadeau" to reflect his role in this challenge.
    -Did all the beginning stuff that's probably not much different from any other run.
    -Beat Bianca and gained access to Striaton City.
    -The battle with Cheren in the school was pretty tough; I had to use two Potions, I believe.
    -Took the free Pansage to teach Cut to later.
    -In the Striaton Gym, I lost to the waitress because of derpiness during Bide... >_<
    -However, Cress wasn't too bad. Flame Charge against Lillipup allowed Cadeau to outspeed Panpour. Two Tail Whips and two Tackles and it went down. I think I used a Potion during that battle. Anyways, with that, we won the Trio Badge! :D

    -The Dreamyard stuff came next. After beating the Plasma Grunts, I stayed behind a bit to catch "The Pink," a Munna. I didn't have to wait long until Magenta, the Munna, joined the party.
    -Next, we cleared Route 3 and did the Plasma stuff there. Cadeau evolved into a Pignite sometime during the trainer-clearing. I can't really remember the Cheren battle here.
    -We reach Nacrene City and head west to the outer Pinwheel Forest area. After clearing the trainers, Cadeau took a piece off of the Challenge Rock just because.
    -Wait, I hear rustling grass! We made our way to it, hoping to encounter a male Audino as "The Attraction." And it was... a Sawk!? ¬_¬ Troll. A while later, another patch of grass calls out to us, and we carefully made our way over to it... A male Audino! Passion joins our team as "The Attraction."
    -After a bit of grinding with Audino, trying to catch him up at least a bit, we decide to go face N at the museum. So we do that, and he wasn't much of a problem.
    -In the Nacrene Gym, Passion learned Attract! Objective down. And I found it pretty useful in this gym too. ^-^
    -The battle with Lenora was actually quite easy, though it could've gone a bit smoother. Attract didn't help with her Herdier since she was such an aggressive lover... ¬_¬ Cadeau came in and finished it off though. Her Watchog started with a deadly Retaliate, but Cadeau survived with yellow HP. Flame Charge raised his Speed, allowing him to strike first with an Arm Thrust next turn, ending the battle and earning us the Basic Badge. Yay!
    -Team Plasma steals the Dragon Skull.

    The team so far:

    The Gift

    Cadeau (Male Pignite, Naive, Somewhat vain, Lv. 21)
    Blaze, @Charcoal
    -Flame Charge
    -Work Up
    -Arm Thrust

    The Pink

    Magenta (Female Munna, Brave, Thoroughly cunning, Lv. 20)
    Synchronize, @None

    The Attraction

    Passion (Male Audino, Brave, Likes to fight, Lv. 17)
    Regenerator, @None
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