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    Originally Posted by Zerkrom The Hedgehog View Post
    Hummmm, I might think about signing up to this hack. As a player of the first Dark Rising game I was hooked. But the reason im thinking about joining or not is because of the fact that i have never worked on a team hack in a while and Ive just revived mine up twice. But I'll let you know if im up to it or not.

    But the Sprites Look cool, I have a few you could use just ask me by PM if you want them.
    Cool, let me know if you're ever ready to join. As for the sprites, I'd love to see them. I'm trying to add a large variety of new trainer classes for basic trainers and a couple more characters with really cool designs to have some mini plots as well.


    I failed to mention this specifically on the main post, but I'm really looking for someone who can insert Battle Backgrounds ASAP. By ASAP, I mean signing up for the job and getting it done swiftly. There's tons of other work to be done next week, so if you think you're somebody who can quickly insert battle backgrounds for the Grass/Caves/and Water battles, please consider joining the team. You're very much needed. ^.^