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    Sir Quincy Marley
    Randy Greyson JR.
    Esper the Espeon
    Pursuit of freedom and truth.

    Esper blinked curiously when he found himself back in the pokeball. Oh... Here again... I've got better things to do than waste my time here. I have a human to save. Arceus knows he can't function without me.

    With a little flexing of his mind, the pokeball popped open and Esper was again in the real world. The first thing the young cat did was establish his partner was ok through the link they shared. He was alive, and felt... Happy? How odd. Well, he was an odd human, which was why Esper loved him.

    "Hey stupid cat, get back in your ball! I'll tell you when to come out!"

    And then there was that to deal with. Esper flicked his tail mildly and utterly ignored the boy in the room with him. The boy returned him and again Esper got out of the pokeball.

    "Damn it you stupid pokemon, do as I command!"

    Um... No? Esper giggled and leapt to a perch near the window, scanning the ship. He took hispokeball from the child with a slight flexing of mental muscle, but otherwise did nothing, preferring to scan and see where everyone else was. Oh look, there was Quin...

    "Unhand that pokemon!" Quincy said bursting through the door.

    "No! He's mine!" Randy said.

    "Oh... Well, then, Um... You bloody wanker! I have no idea how to be intimidating!" Quin said. Randy laughed and grabbed his shirt and pushed him against the wall and raised his fist.

    "Like this!" Randy growled. Seriously? A human growling? What a "wanker" as Quin had said. Well, can't let this go on now can he? Esper stretched out and lazily stood up, but apparently that treecko had the same idea. He crawled around Quin's back and leapt up and kicked Rany in the face, pushing him back.

    "Son of a *****!" the boy cried angrily.

    "My goodness how crude! Come Arcino, we have a pokemon to save!" Quin said, picking up Esper. Esper relaxed, content and turned to the small red ball of fluff in the corner.

    "I see you"

    "Bite me psychic cat."
    What is real? What is truth? Is it something you can touch? Can you see it? Find it? Hold it in your hands? What is true for you is not always the truth for someone else.

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