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    ∣ Kiyoko

    Chapter Two: Part Twelve
    Cries for Attention

    "Yay!" Kiyoko nearly hopped down, though stopped himself last-moment, knowing the dangers. "How do I be better? How do I fight? How do I win? How do I-- Ooh!" Kiyoko distractedly turned his attention to the plate full of meat as it was placed on the table. He quickly jumped down and sat down on the table, facing Drake, and picked up a whole steak with both hands. He then opened his mouth wide, revealing the fangs in each corner of the front of his mouth, and took a big bite into the steak, tugging and ripping off a piece (probably too big for him) and chewing it, a slight muffled giggle coming from behind the food. He seemed to really enjoy it, as he chewed and chewed.

    ∣ Whitney Eli

    Chapter One: Part Ten
    An (Un)Safe Arrival!

    "Reflect...?" Whitney seemed bewildered for a moment. "Uh... Glasses?"

    "Reflect doubles the user's Defense when the opponent damages the user with a physical move."

    "A physical move, huh? Not special attacks? Alright! Pidge, send out another Gust!" On command, the bird flapped her glorious wings again, kicking up a whirlwind of an attack, then aiming it directly at the Solosis.

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