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Originally Posted by MrElephant View Post
What you probably want to do is add offsets of where everything is like in NTME and Unlz. Just an idea. I find it annoying having to search everywhere for offsets. (I see that you have started. Is it okay if we donate some lists of offsets)
If you have the offsets for any tables, that would be awesome! I've got some that aren't on here, but there are some I can't seem to find (like the secret bases, or the fly data) I've been looking at tile-molester and have been writing down offsets there too, Unlz is the next image program I am going to get more acquainted with (it wouldn't let me overwrite the worldmap last time I tried to use it, even when I tried to put the unedited data back in)

I've also got a lot of offest-stuff I'd like you to look over sometime and give feedback on.
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