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    Originally Posted by rainerman3 View Post
    Username: rainerman3
    Partner Pokémon: Treecko
    Kingdom: Greenleaf
    Specialty: Grass/Fighting
    Reason For Joining: I want to join because I really like Pokemon Conquest. It's my second favorite pokemon spinoff game right now. I really like the concept of linking with your pokemon to evolve and such, it's a neat idea. I wish they made a sequel already or something.

    Why did you choose your Pokémon, and why did you choose that Kingdom?

    Well firstly the Treecko line is my second favorite pokemon family and when I found Treecko with someone I was like: "COME HERE MY PRETTY..." '' And I chose Greenleaf because...Well... I love grass type pokemon. I always thought it was a nice place.

    Originally Posted by Galoria View Post

    Congratulation for the new Club!

    Good to see that a new club came out and about the famous one, Pokémon Conquest! I'm glad to join this club, because I liked the system of that kind of game. Like Fire Emblem or even Final Fantasy Tactic Advance etc...

    Username: Galoria
    Partner Pokémon: Eevee [name: Evoli]
    Kingdom: Aurora [Normal]
    Specialty: Normal/Grass
    Reason For Joining: Well, I liked this game, and still playing on it on my PC. I would like to continue it because it is a very interesting game. But seriously, with a Eevee as a starter, I could love this game :3

    Current Topic:

    Why did you choose your Pokémon, and why did you choose that Kingdom?

    I just love Eevee. I is very cute as well as being very useful in a team. Multifunction and its evolutions very fierce and cute, what we could dream of more?

    About the Kingdom, well, I insitated with Greenleaf. But as I can see we can take specialities, so I choose the Normal one. It will make Eevee more happier, bwahahah.

    Anyway...Eevee is too cute.

    @Galoria: Thanks.

    Anyway,you both start off with a Capacity of 2, but as you post and contribute to the Club, your Capacity will start rising. Oh, and your Statistics for your Pokemon (Attack, Defense, Speed) is also shown when you hover over it's sprite to make Evolution easier. For other things such as points, hover your mouse over your name.

    I'll fix the first post later. I'm on a different computer and it keeps on messing the first post up. So until I get back to the other computer, the first post'll have to wait.

    As for me, I chosen Eevee because I just like it and it's Eeveelutions. Especially Umbreon. And I chose Yaksha because it's a Kingdom that specialises in my favourite Type.