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Issac Milke - Outside of Dorms

"I'd love to go tonight. Not really that tired, but I have to get unpacked and all. Not to mention I don't really have any supplies to go out.. no pokeballs or anything. Tomorrow would be great, though. Would still need to hit a mart or something, though." Issac reluctantly stated. He wants nothing more than to see new pokemon, but doesn't want to go without pokeballs. A new team member would be great.

Ike stopped in front of the dorm building with yellow accents about it. It's many windows dark with absence with only a few a few lighted up. "Wow, can't believe this is where I'll be living now." he started, "so much different then my home in Oreburgh."

"Twi-" Trunks began, but stopped as he looked up at his new home.

"And I can't say I have heard anything about the Lugia dorm. Sounds interesting, though."
Haunted?! I will never set foot even close... His mind was wrapped around there being a haunted dorm.. not really noticing the strangeness of the comment C.J. made prior.
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