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    Originally Posted by M-ourad View Post
    Your Username: M-ourad
    Your Rival: Blue
    Partner Pokemon: Draggy ; Charizard and Aeropic ; Pidgeot
    Why do you like Rivals : Because they thing they are tought!( like the guys in reality) and I like to kick their butt!!

    Answer the Current Topic. The new Topic right now is...

    What is your favourite Pokémon of each rival?

    Silver: Gengar
    I hate when He use the power to make sleep then dream eat.. that sucks... plus when he confuses your pokemon .. THAT SUCKS!!
    however, That a hard fight!

    I'll edit you in as soon as I get back to the other computer.

    As for the New Topic, What kind of Pokemon do you think Next Gen's rival will have?