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    Originally Posted by Kurapika View Post
    The starters and Meowth are weak, but if you can hack the base stats of those 3 pokes it would fix the issue, I guess...
    At the begining, I defeated all the grunts but Jessie and James still didn't want to fight me. It turned out that I had to talk to the grunts I defeated in order to be able to battle J&J.
    James' sprite turns yellow or w/e regularly!! Apparently, after every battle against him and Jessie.
    Officer Jenny was a bit hard to beat, especially that the game goes fast on you and if you didn't by some Potions earlier you'll have some problems.
    After I have been chased from Saffron to Route 5 I stayed there grinding for a while when a wild Abra appeared, I caught it and used Teleport to "cheat" the game... and yeah a bug. Can be easily fixed by removing Abra from there I suppose.
    At some point, I tried to deposit Meowth in a box but the game wouldn't let me, it kept telling me "That's your last POKéMON!" while it wasn't...
    CoolTrainer Samuel (at the bottom of Nugget Bridge) doesn't agro. I don't know if it is intended, but when I talk to him he says "You can't pass throught here!" then he battles me.
    For some weird reason: Defense Curl raises spDef... Now if that is from the hack or from the rom I am using, I don't know... =_=
    Also, see this screenshot for other stuff:

    Overall, the graphics are just fine I don't see why people are complaining about them... The only issue is the night that messes things up and James sprite... The storyline is great I enjoyed to play as a Team Rocket Grunt. The part that "explain" some stuff from the regular game as such as Bill stuck in his machine, the house with a hole in Cerulean City, ... also, stealing stuff... haha! :D Keep it up bro'. :]
    Thanks so much for your feedback, it's very indepth!
    I've fixed the first glitch, now immediately after battling them the flag is set, which allows for Jessie and James to be fought.
    The James glitch I don't really understand. Apparently someone had the glitch with Jessie not James. It must have something to do with the slots in the new palette table. I'll have to ask around a bit more.
    Don't worry, I really wanted the first few battles to be difficult, just to make the point that Team Rocket won't take over Kanto so easily
    I fixed the Abra Glitch, by temporarily making you unable to enter the grass, until you enter the Pokemon Center.
    Cooltrainer Samuel only aggroes before you've beaten the gym.
    I believe i've fixed the night time palette problems.
    I also fixed the agro radius on Route 25
    I'm pretty sure Defense Curl raises normal defense. It might just be because I included the physical/special split, so moves like Bite which were special now are physical.

    Glad you like the story! Hopefully some of the bugs didn't ruin the experience too much.