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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
That was fixed in v8. That's why it's on the "Old bugs" page, and why it is mentioned as fixed in v8's change log.

At least, no one's complained that it's still broken.
No one's checked I guess. I'll give you a text explanation and a video:

The camera still falls behind, and encounters you *would have* gotten on the ice still occur, but just wait until you land on proper ground and happen all at once.

Additionally, if you have a really long ice path (and I mean unrealistically long, but I do think it's something to take into consideration), the game crashes with a stack error of random nature.

Exception: SystemStackError
Message: stack level too deep
PokemonField:567:in `pbIsPassableWaterTag?'
Game_Map_:187:in `passable?'
Game_Map_:180:in `each'
Game_Map_:180:in `passable?'
Game_Character_1:105:in `passableEx?'
Game_Character_1:123:in `passable?'
Game_Player_:213:in `passable?'
PokemonField:1315:in `pbSlideOnIce'
PokemonField:1314:in `loop'
PokemonField:1323:in `pbSlideOnIce'

Exception: SystemStackError
Message: stack level too deep
Game_Map_:96:in `data'
Game_Map_:264:in `terrain_tag'
Game_Map_:263:in `each'
Game_Map_:263:in `terrain_tag'
PokemonMap:806:in `getTerrainTag'
PokemonMap:812:in `getFacingTerrainTag'
PokemonField:2320:in `pbFacingTerrainTag'
PokemonField:1296:in `pbLedge'
Game_Player_:72:in `move_right'
Game_Character_3_:170:in `move_forward'

Exception: SystemStackError
Message: stack level too deep
PokemonControls:200:in `count'
PokemonControls:198:in `each'
PokemonControls:198:in `count'
PokemonControls:139:in `dir4'
PokemonControls:138:in `each'
PokemonControls:138:in `dir4'
Game_Player_:372:in `update_old'
Walk_Run:71:in `update'
Scene_Map:85:in `miniupdate'
Scene_Map:83:in `loop'

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