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Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Ayone know how to fix those Black Screen Warp problems with Advanced Map?
Insert the map into a new bank. That is the only solution I have found that works. I would suggest using a-map 1.92 for anything other than drawing maps, since it is far more stable than 1.95.

Originally Posted by The Legacy of The Legends Creator :D View Post
if i could have a run through from using like XSE or PKVSUI (the codes i got) but like offset,and implementing them into the map and game.
And can someone explain why APSE isnt changing my sprites.
I made a recolour, then kept the background to be transparent as the original color
butfor my hack i need normal and shiny(which will what be recolored instead of the normal)
what happens is it creates a white outline of the pikachus body but whatever is dark stays, this is all BEHIND the original pokemon but if i synchronize the palettes instead of update it just goes screy and changes colors but the sprite im changing does change except it devleops blobs,whats the best sprite editing program
The best sprite editing program is GIMP. The best sprite insertion program is the Advance Series by Wichu. It can edit pallets for sprites right inside of it.

For writing scripts, consult diegoisawesome's tutorial. For inserting, when you click the gears at the top of XSE to compile, it will show you the offsets. Take the offset of the very first @label you used in the script and copy it. Then, choose how you want to use it. For most things, just place the script in the script offset box in a-map. For some map scripts and s-tiles, a var is required. Pick one thats deemed safe. For a list of safe vars; (there is a follow up post on the next page also). Remember, the script will only run on these when the var is equal to the value specified below it.

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