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Welcome to the club, wc! :D Also Gunner, try your best to read the Intermission and not skip it, because wcdaily is right. It's gonna be relevant later on, so you have to at least try reading it even though it feels different from the rest of Homestuck. ^^; It's just as badass anyway, so why skip?

update (02/16/13)
Guys! Bad news. D:

Jade went grimbark and Jane went Crockercorp bananas, Little Red Riding Hood-style— all with the Condesce's overpowered mind control shenanigans. John is nowhere to be found, Roxy and Jake are captured, Dirk was transported in the same place as Lord Noir, and the Condesce is smoking a cigar with a pile of boondollars. Just, ugh. This is unbelievable. I thought I knew Hussie, and that he loves messing with the fandom, but this. This was not okay (actually I'm okay with it now, but back when I was reading it I was just wtf). He just blindsided us with one fell swoop. To think we only wanted a happy reunion. And for Jake to put on his pants. How did it all go wrong so fast? ;;

Seriously, as hot as Jane's new outfit is, the update broke my heart. He ended Act 6 Act 5 without a flash, too. Oh well. There is a silver lining, at least. Karkat and co. are coming. With crab walkie-talkies.

Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
I'm not sure if lazy would be accurate. I figure it might be because we've had a very recent period of "break for a week then MASSIVE UPDATE" for a while now... I think it's quite nice to go back to normality again (I love the feeling of waking up and checking the update very first thing in the morning).
Ah yeah, I agree. Still, right when you said it, he comes back to the routine of break for a week then MASSIVE UPDATE with the end of that last Act Act. :p

Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
Roxy is definitely one of my favourite kids (hell, I really like the StriLondes in general, but the Prospit dreamers are definitely catching up.
And hell yes she has the best alpha outfit. I am not a fan of the Prince's or the Page's legs, and Life's grey is very... drab.

Gamzee is simply the embodiment of the wildcard. That's really all there is to it, I guess.

About "Lord Noir" (a nickname I've heard, haha), I think... Caliborn was controlling him through Lil Cal. Whether this counts as "possession" or not, I'm not too sure. At the very least, Noir is hyper-powered up (but still no match for Jade's first guardian powers!).
Which reminds me - I think that Lord Noir being sent to the furthest ring will be important... Perhaps Bec Noir and PM will meet him? I still think all the Noirs/Slicks (Spades Slick from A2, MAYBE also from A1 if we ever see that session, Bec Noir from B1, Lord Noir from B2, and hell maybe even Cherub Noir from the Calisession may come). 3/4/5x stab combo, anyone?

I have a feeling Jake has made the connection that Jade is who he was talking with - I think they both signed their name down? Plus, there aren't that many Jades he could be talking to :p

My first thought is that John is still on the ship, and Jade just teleported to Jake/Jane so she could deal with Noir. But you could be right in that he's dealing with the Condesce (which would be interesting, since he first talked with Meenah I think?). Makes me wonder when the meteor will come in, since I was expecting all the StriLondes to meet, and the Egbert/Harley/Crocker/English combo to meet.

We shall see!
I'm glad you like Roxy, too! :D I agree, the StriLondes are pretty awesome, but everyone else has their own brand of awesome like you say so it's all cool.
The best alpha outfit kind of became moot when she didn't void her way out of that Condesce situation though and just went on to put one of the most hilarious reaction faces Hussie has ever drawn, haha. I mean I reacted like Jake did and was just in the verge of tears, but Roxy was just like derp why did I ever quit drinking. XD; Life's grey was very drab, and I guess Hussie agreed. Now Jane is one sexy mofo. Mind-controlled, sure. But it's way better than the old colors!

I still don't like mirthful Gamzee. :( But yeah, I suppose it's Hussie's comic, and he seems pretty consistent with Gamzee. Although that's ironic to say, since when has Gamzee ever been consistent? :p

I like Lord Noir so I'm gonna use it. I agree with the theory that Caliborn was controlling him, too. I guess when characters get overpowered, they immediately become one of the bad guys? I don't know, it's a trend I've been seeing. Jade was certainly someone who could single-handedly kill off everyone (apart from Lord English, maybe? but she was still pretty dang powerful), so to have her go grimbark was an interesting ploy. That way, it becomes more climactic, like you're not sure how the heroes will win. Hopefully with Lord Noir being in the furthest ring, he'll meet Bec Noir and PM instead of the meteor where Dave and co. are in. Because Dirk should meet with Dave and co. first, conveniently so since he's also in the furthest ring now.

Yeah I think Jake knew. Which makes it even more horrible of a sight for him to see the two girls with him going bananas, and Jane hitting him in the gut yet again (but this time with an intent to kill, presumably). He must have had no idea what the hell was happening. Poor Jake. ;;

That meeting will be stalled yet again, from how horribly Act 6 Act 5 ended. Seriously, where the hell is John? Is he still parking the ship or what? He needs to make his ectobiological sis snap out of her trance.

Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Haha, I began reading in the summer, I think around the long hiatus where fans were trolling the web about the anime :p So I was surprised when updates began coming daily xD

I think we shall have the return of the spoiler tags, yes ^^ You're doing well in being vague though!
But yeah... I was really looking forward to see what music they'd use :3 Haha, that's my focus, the music. I'm really excited for Homestuck Vol. 10!
Ohh haha, I thought the anime was a huge troll effort, too. Even though I knew the rumors were fake already because I started reading late last year. But yeah, the daily updates surprised me, too! I think I also started reading during a hiatus. :p

Thanks. XD; The music is amazing, so I'm really excited for the next flash because of that, too. <3 I think I should go get a copy of the soundtrack. I didn't even know it was already in Vol. 10. o3o

Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
My thoughts too, on Roxy. I kind of miss the old Act 5 Act 1 Gamzee ^^ He was kind of adorable, when I think about it. And yeah, I think your thoughts on LE/Jack are probable ^^

Jade is always Jade :D I'm amazed at how good Hussie is at keeping the characters true to their personalities. The only one who have really changed over time, imo, are Rose (even more dark and weird while she was a bit lighter and dull at the beginning), Dave (he kind of lost his kindofsilly coolkid style somewhere in Act 5 Act 2, I think, but Hussie got it back in the intermissions when Dave began rapping again ^^) and Terezi (face it, she used to be a smiling, creepy evilgirl but along her feud with Vriska and then her relationship with Dave and her dancestor, she turned a lot more mature and serious). Hmm. Now when I write it out, I realize those "character changes" make sense considering what they've gone through ^^; so nevermind xD
/unnecessary text brick

Kanaya and Rose! I somehow think they have already broken up, actually. So that John x Rose can happen lmfao
I miss Act 5 Act 1 Gamzee so much. ;; He really was endearing and funny. With the Lord Noir theories, I think I like Pokemon hit the spot with the theories, haha. Speaking of theories, though! I heard of a theory that the batterwitch was actually on our side and we haven't realized it. Like she hates Lord English for one, another because she has actually had so many chances to kill off the alpha kids and she didn't, third because of her attempts to get Roxy into her plans before Roxy escaped (even giving her a ring that enhanced her powers as a hero of Void), and lastly because she's practically Meenah (whom I think has some good within her despite the, at times, obnoxious personality) in a different timeline.

Jade was adorable but Hussie ruined it with grimbark. I mean I wished people would take Jade more seriously like many other Jade fans, but not like this. ;; Still, I have to agree with Hussie's amazing ability to make the characters feel true to their personalities. The character development is absolutely welcome, though! So that was an unnecessary text brick, sorta. XD;

I think Hussie just plans to sink all ships and not have anyone ending up with another or something. :p

Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
Speaking of Rose and Kanaya, maybe an interesting topic would be ships? Or should we not go there lol

I love Jade, she is simply the best at being Jade. What does Homestuck need? More Jades. But have you ever noticed that Rose seems a bit...Jaded? And Jade is notorious for wearing Rose colored glasses? :0

I'm thinking the meteor is gonna come out by derse's moon (or where it used to be, haha) and Dave and Rose are gonna fly out like "hey" and Dirk and Roxy are gonna be like "omg its our parent". And then Karkat is gonna come out and be like "HEY NOOKSUCKERS BLAH BLAH TAINTCHAIFING CHRIST" and Roxy is either going to think he is adorable or repulsive, lol. (sorryif that doesnt make sense, I'm really excited)

Aaaand, I think John's on his way to meet up with Jade, Jake, and Jane. (haha wow thats too many Ja_e names in a row) Jade can teleport and whatnot, and I think John has to fly, so it would take him longer to get there (but in that case, why didn't jade just warp him there too?)

I think ships would be an interesting topic, too. XD

I love Jade and I love that you love guys love Jade. <3 But again, grimbark. ;; Although I actually noticed the two sort of being foils / counterparts of each other. I mean look at their titles. Rose sounded like a Witch of Space at first (fascination with wizards and dark arts), and Jade sounded like a Seer of Light at first, too (being able to see the future through her dreams). It's cool how Hussie implemented that sort of element into the beta kids.

That sounded awesome. 3 I wish Hussie gave us at least a few more days to be happy with the reunion feels instead of just crushing them with Condesce's antics. ;;

Who actually knows where John is right now? I certainly don't, smh.
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