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While I respect your opinion, please allow me to offer my counterarguments:
Originally Posted by Serperion View Post
The first is the Rocks (not the Rock Smash rocks). These are too orderly like they were place there. Try to make them be replaced by something like higher or lower levels of the mountain to give it a more realistic touch.
The intention was that the rocks WERE deliberately placed, as the path had been cleared at a recent point in time, as well as to define the property belonging to the house on the map.

Originally Posted by Serperion View Post
Second is the Grass. Yes you can include grass however you should make it higher and have dirt on the lower levels. Definetly do not make the lower levels sand based unless you decide to include a water segment.
I see no reason that grass cannot be at that level, especially if the route follows along the easiest path as opposed to an artificial path.

Originally Posted by Serperion View Post
Thirdly is the house. I know in some pokemon games there is usually a house outside a mountain for healing purposes but this situation doesn't fit well, the house should look like it was carved by the mountain, use Rock or Wood based houses not Cement. A good choice would be something like Fortree City houses.
For starters, a Fortree City house would've looked out of place, being a Fr/Lg style map. As such, it was really a toss-up and I decided to use one of the houses which provided some "behind-space" (For reasons I'll get to in a sec) Instead, I opted for the most basic-looking house I could, and believe it suits the style intended, although it admittedly is not the same as, for instance, the tin-roofed huts of the Sevii Islands.

Originally Posted by Serperion View Post
Fourthly, try to keep your path even in length, a small 1 square path in the middle looks really bad and try to include less obvious (go this way for cake) pathing. Patch it up so it looks more rugged. Demolish some of the path if you have to.
I'm inclined to disagree by virtue of taste on this one; a path will narrow on less-traveled tangents often, and seemed fitting. As for the less obvious path, I actually followed how I believe the games' maps are designed, with a path more laden with wild Pokemon and an alternative path with more Trainers to battle.(Unfortunately I should have marked that the barebones path had Trainers on it, but at the time of creation I didn't have access to overworld sprites which would represent a Trainer.)

Originally Posted by Serperion View Post
Lastly, this one isn't a minus this is just me asking. What is with the flowers and pokeball. I'm pretty sure a mountain is more likely to have trees than Flowers. The pokeball I don't understand It seems inaccessible unless you plan to include an exit through the house which you should show with dirt or sand paths.
The flowers are more an artificial touch, as they are essentially in the yard of the house. As for the Pokeball, the house is positioned with enough distance from the mountain's foot that a player could walk behind the house to obtain the item contained within.

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