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    So lets see if I got this right: You created a Pokemon Starter Kit like Essentials, but not Essentials. It has online features unlike Essentials. But these online features are only für MMOs, not so much for basic networking, e.g. Two-Players or LAN-Parties. (To add this would be great.)
    Is that right?

    I would like to state some questions: Did you use Essentials in any way? If not, where did you got the sprites etc. from? In any case please add Credits clearly visible to the first post. I know from trying by myself that creating such a thing all by oneself is difficult, so I'm a little bit sceptical about you two doing everything starting from ripping tiles of ROM hacks or similar.

    So, if this is not compatible with Pokemon Essentials (e.g. because you have a completely different Ruby-Script in the background), I would encourage you to change this because it would suck if people would have to completely change their games or build them up from scratch to add online features. In case it isn't compatible/something complete new I would respect the hard work even more but on the other side I think – again – that it is not quite productive to develop independent engines with more or less the same functionality, because this will double possible bugs and divide support users can give to themselves, because it's likely to have them either using one or the other engine. Of course Essentials has the upper hand right now, but I just see the possibilities.

    Some last notes: If you want to have people ask questions in your board please make at least the forum of this project visible to guests. I can't speak to others, but I usually lurk around a board for some time before I register so I will know what awaits me. Oh, and you have a typo in your thread title.
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