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At Hoyt's cinema Broadway on the 23rd and 24th there is an event giving away Meloetta coinciding with the release of the latest pokemon movie. Theres a cinema in each state doing the event too not just Sydney.

Apparently after that weekend there will be a limited release of the pokemon at select stores only which includes only about half a dozen EB games and Toys'R'Us stores in each state.

Its B&W 1 and 2

Anyone here aussie and planning to go other than me? :D Maybe we can arrange a meet up.

Anyway at least this will put me one step closer to a completed dex. Don't think i'll ever finish it cause they neglected to release Deoxys here and I suck at pokemon ranger so can't finish game to get it there haha. At least if I do manage to get the few i'm short I won't be missing a Meloetta. Closer than i've ever been and i've played all the games since red, blue and yellow.
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