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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    For those you having problems with SMCA and JPAN's hack, i was writing my tutorial today on how to do it with a hex editor, and I learned why. The origional location of the player facing section was cleared for free space. So, SMCA was expecting values 01-04 but got FF.

    You know how pointers work, they are just reverse byte order. Also the animation pointer table is in order, so using the section on finding the animation offset in Choas' tutorial, find the location of the pointer you want and then you can move it to the one you want to have that animation. If you are creating new animations, remember-

    The offset is AX BY CZ so the pointer would be CZ BY AX 08.
    Thank you for the help, finally I've made a simply custom animation!! Here's my Night Slash animation!

    Also I've ordered all attacks animation's pointer in order to make easier find and select the needed animation; so, can I create a thread, when I have time, where I write these informations? Is it possible?
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