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    Originally Posted by LexTheGreat View Post
    I don't know if this is a bug but its not working correctly, Any text box (ie: Makeing a mystory gift) You cant type in them.. Is this just me? Does it for all of them, Not the ones that pop-up in the menu tho just the debug stuff.. Thanks
    I was using this just yesterday, and it seemed to work fine for me.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    You didn't mention you were cycling. For some reason any movement speed other than walking causes that problem (otherwise I would make ice-sliding faster).
    It happens when walking for me as well. just much slower, to the point where the game crashes from sliding to far before he reaches even half way to the end of the screen.

    And what about the other bugs such as the system stack error and the accumulating encounters?

    Sorry if I sound like I'm being demanding, I just want to make sure everything has been made aware of.

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