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Cassandra "Cass" Alexandera- Dalenham, Eveamoor

"Mhmm…five more minutes…" Cass mumbled under her beer ridden breath as she rolled from side to side trying to find the position that let her lull to sleep easily the night before. With a frustrated growl, Cass sat up as her eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the morning light. The light was much stronger than she expected and a more sober Cass would swear that her eyes were playing tricks on her like an elven thief. From her little outlet that only a fool would consider a bed, Cass could see the not so breathtaking city of Dalenham, with its low wooden rooftops, cobblestone streets and calming lack of crowds that roamed the streets in the morning. Cass staggered to her feet, shifting her balance from foot to foot as she attempted to gather herself. However, her body was limp and weakly wobbled around, and her head felt heavy. Her vision blurred and Cass slipped in a moment of weakness and she tumbled from the rooftop and crashed onto the ground with a thunderous thump.

"Not bad, Cass…not bad," Cass groaned in pain, picking herself up to a chorus of loud cracks as her joints realigned themselves. The fall seemed to knock most of the hangover out of her system, but she still felt groggy when she returned to her feet. Cass had fallen from what appeared to be a generic home of one of the richer members of Dalenham, and it remained a mystery of how she found herself perched upon the rooftop of the home. In fact, the last thing she remembered was drinking with Varian before barging out to find some companionship after Varian ditched her for some other broad. She really needed to stop drinking and put to an end to nights like that.

Regardless of whys and hows, she needed to find a way back to the city gates as there was little doubt as to the fact that once again, Cass was late to the party. She looked around, holding her throbbing head. Cass was in the city square, in a courtyard of sorts. At the center was a fountain, with several streams of clear water falling into the body of water at the bottom. At the top of this fountain was a marble statue of the current queen of Eveamoor, Madelaine Elizabeth Robertson, also known as "The Sky Queen." Elected about ten years ago, she quickly rose to prominence as a venerable and popular queen (in spite of her eccentric and whimsical character traits), which was much needed after the series of forgettable rulers that preceded her. However, she has done little to truly bring Eveamoor up to the level of its neighboring countries, which still intimidate and chide the young kingdom. Nevertheless, the people love their Sky Queen and have appealed to her artistic nature with the statue built at the center of the capital city. It was the first time Cass ever saw the display of masterful craftsmanship (though she couldn't tell if the likeness was at all faithfully represented), her attention was more drawn at the crown atop the statue's end. A single gem was embedded on the front of the crown and it glistened in the morning sun like a star in the night sky.

"That's Eveamoor for you. Always doing strange crap," said Cass the all knowing critic as she stumbled away, reminders of the last night of drinking slurring her speech and her gait. The streets were clear enough to make Cass' walk as easy as possible, but the lack of urban planning of Dalenham made the same journey longer than she would of liked. Soon enough, Cass found the city gates and to her satisfaction, her drunken prediction of being late was not without fail. Anybody who was anybody was there.

"Good job, everyone. You made it all on time," Cass said as she slowly shuffled her way to Varian's side. "Honey~ you left me all alone again. You big mean Highman!" Cass said, slugging Varian on the arm. After teasing her long time friend, she turned to the others. "Are we missing anyone or can we raid a baker real quick before heading out? I'm kind of hungry after all that action yesterday."

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