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Hello all!

I've been a Pokemon fan since 2000. My brother got into pokemon and then got me into it. He lived during GEN I stuff whilst I lived during GEN II times

I have pokemon silver, yellow, snap, ssbb, and stadium 2.

My favourite pokemon is either Dragonite or Umbreon. They are amazing, but saddly, I only have a dragonair and an eevee. Since I beat everything in silver, I wanted to hack it or use something along those lines to get shinny pokemon with max stats, level 50, ect. but i'm not sure I know how. (I posted somewhere about that). I hope you don't think bad of me.

I watch the anime and currently am reading a fanfic about Clair the gym leader which is awesome so far! As you can see, I haven't gone past GEN II stuff but am familiar with GEN I stuff as well.

My favourite type of pokemon are dragon types followed by steel and then ice or dark.

My other interests are SSBB (I'm main kirby), Tomb Raider, and other things I cannot think of atm.

I play an instrument (alto sax) and I am in school still.

Well, that's enough babbling now. I hope to meet a lot of nice people on here! :D

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