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    I am a C programmer, I enjoy working with low-level code and doing clever things with bits. I have recently been working on a binary patching algorithm that utilizes militant binary packing techniques.

    At my day job I am now a web developer, so I have gained a fair amount of experience with JavaScript and PHP. JavaScript -- a language I figured I would hate, I actually have as kindof a guilty pleasure now. I like how it's so, well, Lispy. I like functional programming.

    For system work, I like Perl. It's dynamic enough that you can hack together a script for pretty much any task in very little time.

    Originally Posted by twocows View Post
    My strongest language is C, followed by Python. I'm familiar with a lot of languages, though. I wish novice programmers would stop grouping C and C++ together like they're one language; they're not, and I refuse to touch anything C++ unless I absolutely have to.
    Yeah... While the standard C libraries are usable in C++, they are vastly different. Though I wouldn't say that C++ is that bad. <_
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