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    C.J Styles
    Outside the Dorms

    Well, the mountains are a lot closer to us then Oak Town is. If you like, when we go, I could lend you some supplies and we could go to the Mart afterwords. I have to go to there tomorrow anyway, my parents just bought property over that way.” C.J. said. It made more sense to him to do it that way, though it didn’t matter. Really it depended on if Issac wanted to borrow supplies before buying his own.

    Anyway, you need to get unpacked, and I have to get changed. When you go into the Dorm there will be another desk, the secretary there will tell you what room is yours. When you’re settled, I’ll be training out back if you’d like to join me. Never know, there might be some wild Pokemon wondering around.” He felt he might be coming off rather pushy or annoying but this was one of the few people he took the time to talk to since his arrival, he needed to establish a friendship of some sort.

    Come on guys, we’re going to our room for a few.” C.J said to Ace and Ax, who both turned and walked over to him. “You have any questions before I go to my dorm?” He asked, wanting to make sure Isaac was comfortable being on his own for a bit.
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