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Love is so difficult to define because, well, we all have our own interpretation of what it is.

I define love as simply enjoying being around someone who brings joy to your life. That's it. Love is the amount of adoration you receive and show to someone you take pleasure in being around.

Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
I've only felt love once... or the closest thing to love I've experienced at any rate... but in my case, when I first met the person, they really weren't particularly attractive, we had nothing in common, and had completely different beliefs and personalities... and yet after awhile, he became the hottest guy on the planet, and all of those other traits didn't matter to me at all anymore. I wanted him, no matter what.

That's the best I can do to describe what it's like... in my experience anyway.
I highly agree with what you think love "feels like" because I've felt the same way before, too. Many times I have felt attracted more towards a person because of their personality rather than their physical qualities. For me, the way they interact with me or others just really attracts me to them and I totally disregard their physical attributes entirely and views on anything, for that matter. Then, like you said, they become the most appealing and fascinating person on the planet. xD

Love is so difficult to define and understand, really. Every person, society, and culture has their own description of what it means to them and how they demonstrate it to others in real time.