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    Chapter 3
    Jake held the first badge with pride down to the substitute Pokemon Center held in the Pokemon League. It was gleaming from his bag when he healed his small team of Pokemon. Jake then saw a boy and happily ran to him. The boy was his best friend Leon from Flame Town. He must've came for his starter Pokemon too.
    "Long time no see Jake", Leon said.
    Jake grinned. "No kidding"
    "What starter did you choose?"
    "Ghostis. There were only two left"
    "That's because I chose Rocky earlier today and beat the first gym"
    "Awesome! Congrats!"
    "Thank you! What was the delay though? We were supposed to get the starters together"
    "We took shelter when we heard of the terrorist attack from Team Venom"
    "Wait a sec. Riora wasn't going to release that information until this afternoon. How do you know?"
    "I....just know things...How did you know?'
    "The terrorist sent a recorded message after the invasion revealing it was them"
    "Interesting. Hey! How about a battle!"
    "Sure thing", Jake drew the PokeBall.
    The battle began and the Pokemon were eyeing each other carefully.
    Ghostis took the first hit. Since it had the type advantage, it held up. Ghostis did a Watergun on Rocky. It was super effective. Rocky was having trouble keeping it together. Ghostis put on another Watergun, leaving Rocky helpless. Rocky then summoned the strength to make a new move: Rock Throw. Ghostis flew back and hit the wall, startling Nurse Joy. Ghostis fainted from fatigue.
    "Alright!" Jake said as he handed Rocky to Nurse Joy for treatment.
    "It was a good battle", Leon said.
    "My next stop is Flame Town for the second gym. Wanna come with me?"
    "Sure thing. I'm not in it to challenge the gyms. I don't have time"
    "What do you mean? You always had time!"
    "Not anymore I don't"
    "We'll get going then", Jake said headed out with Leon close behind him.
    They walked on the golden path that lead from the Pokemon League to Route 1. Once they reached Route 1, they took out repels and sprayed themselves to avoid wild Pokemon. Jake and Leon walked cautiously to the tunnel at the end of the road. Flame Tunnel was the only actual way to get to Flame Town. Jake took out a flashlight and went in first. Leon followed.
    "You come through here to get to my house?!" Jake yelled as a Zubat laid a dropping on him.
    "Isn't it lovely?", Leon said disgusted with it as well.
    They continued to crawl through until Jake saw light. He climbed out and Leon followed.
    "Now I know why you always smell when you come", Jake said.
    "Well, it should be worth it to you. The gym is right over there", Leon pointed to a building that look like it was a mini-volcano. "Ol' Blazer trains Fire types"
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