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I don't actually know the specifics to getting the emulator on an iPod, as I had my friend do it for me. All I know is that the iPod has to be jailbroken.

Normal Monotype: Johto: Update #3

Defeated Silver, returned the Farfetch'd, and made my way through Ilex Forest
Caught a male Jigglypuff, named it Charm
Evolved Arrow into a Noctowl
Caught a female Snubbull, named it Rose
Went all the way back to Cherrygrove City and caught a female Spearow, named it Spirit
Trained Spirit until she evolved into Fearow
Made my way through the National Park, defeated all possible trainers until this point
Went back to Goldenrod and challenged the Gym

Whitney's Clefairy was easy, Rose used Tackle 4 times and it fainted
Miltank's Rollout managed to defeat my Snubbull, Noctowl, and Fearow
Jigglypuff used Sing, which gave Togepi a chance to defeat Miltank

Rose Lvl. 19

Charm Lvl. 20
-Defense Curl

Arrow Lvl. 20

Sunny Lvl. 22
-Sweet Kiss

Spirit Lvl. 20
-Fury Attack

I'm probably going to get rid of Noctowl soon.